Donations – Gualala Cemetery

A donation to RCLC and the Gualala Cemetery is a gesture of support and an opportunity to take environmental and land conservation action.  No matter what you choose — a one-time donation, annual gift, or a legacy donation — we are filled with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

Please click on one of the following three buttons according to how you would like to make your donation:

Credit Card

Thank you for your donation to help restore the Gualala Cemetery!


Matching Employee/Employer Gifts
With gifts, it may be possible to double or even triple your donation Many employers offer matching gift programs for their employees and retirees.  Some also make donations to non-profit organizations based upon the number of volunteer hours.,  Please check with your employer to determine if you might be able to participate.

Make a Stock or Donation from Your IRA Account.
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Become a Business Partner.
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Donate an Item on The RCLC Wish List.
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