Hearn Gulch

Hearn Gulch includes wild and scenic coastal bluffs and a pocket beach.  From the bluffs, there is an expansive view of the ocean and sea stacks.  A steep trail goes down to the private sandy beach.

To get there-  Hearn Gulch is on the west side of Highway One, north of the town of Gualala.  Watch for mile marker 10.0

Facilities-  None. Doggie bag dispenser, benches, bathrooms or garbage cans are not provided.


One notable feature of the beach is the surrounding volcanic rock formation  which has a narrow sea tunnel. Depending on the ocean tide and surf conditions, this tunnel produces a distinctively loud wave sound echo and water backlash.

Of particular interest to experienced wetsuit and kayak enthusiasts, the beach also provides ocean access to nearby Saunders Reef.  And, for qualified kayak aficionados, there are nearby sea caves to explore.

History— Hearn Gulch was RCLC’s first conservation property. There’s early California history here, too. U.S. Geological Survey maps of this area show that the beach is labeled “Saunders Landing.” It was so named because this was a mooring location for “doghole” schooners during lumbering days in the late 1800s.

A 2007 Coastal Commission development permit and 2008 grant from the Coastal Conservancy enabled RCLC to complete the improvements needed to make access suitable for the general public and to protect the fragile bluff area.

Donations to RCLC provide ongoing funds to maintain this and other Redwood Coast Land Conservancy properties.


Redwood Coast Land Conservancy public access protected properties

Hwy 1 Mile Marker


Hwy 1 Mile Marker


Hwy 1 Mile Marker


Hwy 1 Mile Marker


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