Conservation easements

Looking for Redwood Coast Land Conservancy easements?

This naturally beautiful area of the Northern California coast is one of the world’s most scenic and ecologically rich places.


Many local landowners, large and small, would like to see their holdings permanently protected and passed on to their families intact, free of unwanted change or development.

The “conservation easement” offers a practical way for landowners to accomplish this objective while retaining their ownership. lt is a legal restriction that a landowner places on his or her property to define and limit the type of development that may take place there.

Generally, conservation easements are donated to a non-profit conservation organization (such as the RCLC) or to a public agency, which then takes the responsibility to inspect the land periodically and enforce the restrictions in perpetuity.

Each easement is drafted individually, tailored to fit the natural characteristics of the land, the personal vision of the landowner for the property’s future use, and the goals of the Conservancy.

Once executed and filed, the easement becomes part of the title to the property and all future owners must accept the property subject to the easement’s restrictions. Since such restrictions may affect the market value of the property, there could be tax benefits to be realized.

Are you interested in a conservation easement for your property?  If so, please review the fact sheets below.


Conservation Easement Fact Sheets

  1. Conservation easements fact sheet 1 provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  2. “Conservation Easements: Criteria for Evaluating Land Conservation Proposals,” describes RCLC’s criteria for accepting a Conservation Easement.
  3. “Conservation Easements: From Start to Finish,” describes the steps in the easement process.
  4. “Conservation Easements: Policy on Funding Conservation Easement Project Costs and Stewardship,” provides information on the types of costs associated with creating a conservation easement.

If, after reviewing the fact sheets, you think that a Conservation Easement might be appropriate for your property, please submit a Project Application to start the process or call 707 884-4426 for any further information you might need.




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