Members of the RCLC Advisory panel are volunteers who provide consultation to RCLC Board and committee members regarding specific projects, opportunities or questions, or to fulfill other needs that might arise.  Advisory Panel members may volunteer directly or be recommended by RCLC Board or other members or volunteers.  Status as an Advisory Panel member shall be confirmed by the board.

Advisory Panel members are differentiated from other volunteers by:

  • Having a specific area of expertise or skill set that can help further the mission of RCLC
  • Willingness to be contacted by a board or committee member with a service request


Are you interested in volunteering? Check out opportunities on our Volunteer page or download our RCLC_volunteer form to help us get to know your interests.

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy Advisors

  • Linda Bell
  • Frank Bell
  • Kathleen Chasey
  • Bill Clement
  • Tom Cochrane
  • Leslie Dahlhoff
  • Doug Forsell
  • Tim Fulkerson
  • Mary Sue Ittner
  • Bruce Jones
  • Robert Juengling
  • Cindy Kennedy
  • Irene Leidner
  • Lois Lutz
  • Fred McElroy
  • Laurie Mueller
  • Don & Brenda Phillips
  • Dave Scholz
  • David Shpak
  • Susan Trieb

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