Gualala River Mill Bend Conservation Project

Planning Mill Bend’s future

The major grants and stewardship funds are in, the Mill Bend Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is formed and the scientists are preparing for site assesments. The Mill Bend Conservation Project is underway!

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy (RCLC) plans to finalize the real estate purchase in 2020 and move into the next phase of site assesment and development.

Mill Bend is unique: a bar-built estuary/lagoon, habitat for endangered and threatened species such as steelhead, Coho salmon and red-legged frogs, and the promise of improved river access and trails for public recreation.  Restoring habitat for Coho salmon and steelhead is one of the many environmental goals for the project.  As a keystone species, these fish support the survival of many other birds and marine mammals.

Kathleen Chasey, volunteer Project Manager for Mill Bend, has helped apply for major grants, recruited Mill Bend advocates and scientists, and been a lead supporter of this project. The RCLC board and community of Mendonoma have stepped up with donations, thousands of volunteer hours, and the desire to see a finished park and restored river.

RCLC will be sharing information and education as we develop Mill Bend.  Watch for ways to learn more or get involved.


“The Redwood Coast Land Conservancy is doing great work and this latest action to protect 113 acres of sensitive habitat at the mouth of the Gualala is fantastic news.  The state has been grateful to partner with the Conservancy to preserve the property and help increase public access along our beloved coast.”

Mike McGuire, California Senator, Second District

View the RCLC Mill Bend Community presentation video from Aug. 30 here

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