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Top Home page slideshow:  Design by Drew Fagan

Evening at Mill Bend Preserve Estuary by Carolyn Hand

Western Sandpipers at Mill Bend by Ronald Bolander 

Kids in Kayaks: Photographer Unknown 

Bald eagle & Columbian black-tailed deer at Mill Bend Preserve by David Bradbrook

Forest Floor by Peter Sidell

Bowling Ball Beach Summer Glow—Copyright © Paul Brewer

Mill Bend in Winter – Copyright © Don Hess

Hearn Gulch Sunset by Amy Wolitzer 

Top of page banners:

What does a land trust do?: Redwoods and Ferns – Copyright © Drew Fagan

Protected Properties: Cooks Beach –Copyright © Ethan Applegarth

Gualala Bluff Trail: Copyright © Ethan Applegarth

Hearn Gulch:  Hearn Gulch aerial view – Copyright © Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman, Californiacoastline.org

Mill Bend:  Sunrise – Copyright ©

Our vision: Sunset on the Gualala River – Copyright © Paul Brewer

Cooks Beach:  Copyright © Drew Fagan

Conservation Easements: South of Iverson Point – Copyright © Drew Fagan

RCLC Conservation Easements: Copyright © Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman, Californiacoastline.org

About RCLC: Copyright © Drew Fagan

Board of Directors: Waves – Copyright © Paul Brewer

Advisors: Great Horned Owl – Copyright © Yuval Helfman – 123rf.com Stock Photo

Newsletter: Osprey Flying In – Copyright © Drew Fagan

In the news: Copyright © Marek Uliasz – 123rf.com Stock Photo/Composition by Drew Fagan

Events: Mill Bend Meeting – Copyright © Robin Applegarth

Donate:  Mill Bend Rainbow – Copyright © Peggy Berryhill

Give Stock or IRA, also Inclusion page: Two Women on Hill – Copyright © Cornelia Steinwender – Unsplash.com

Mill Bend campaign:  Mill Bend estuary- Copyright © Ethan Applegarth

Volunteer: Copyright © From RCLC Facebook page

Stay in Touch: Pair of North American River Otters – Copyright © Brian Lasenby –   123rf.com Stock Photo

Media Center:  Kayaking on the River – Copyright © Filip Moroz -Unsplash.com

Press releases: Hiker on Coastal Trail– Copyright © Robin Applegarth

Mill Bend History: Gualala River Mill– from the collection of Clark Beall

Conservation news: Pelicans’ Bluff– Copyright © Robin Applegarth

Public Access brochure— Cooks Beach by Ethan Applegarth


Page content photos:

Home— Cooks Beach Reflections photo by Ethan Applegarth, center photo, Mill Bend Aerial View Copyright © by Bill Oxford, Protected Properties map by Drew Fagan, bottom photo, Redwood Crowns by Ethan Applegarth

RCLC receives major grant for Mill Bend— Redwood tree image design by Drew Fagan, bottom photo, Mill Bend reflections by Ethan Applegarth

What does a land trust do?— Top photo-Hearn Gulch by Ethan Applegarth, bottom photo Egret’s Rookery Copyright © Paul Brewer

Contact us— Harbor Seals photo Copyright © Paul Brewer

Volunteer— Top photo of volunteers working by Mary Sue Ittner.  Middle photo of volunteer at computer by Hanlon family. Bottom photo of Cooks Beach by Ethan Applegarth

Give stock or IRA— Photo by Helloquence, courtesy of Unsplash

Gualala Bluff Trail— Top photo of Gualala Bluff Trail, by Mary Sue Ittner, second photo of GB Trail Couple, Mary Sue Ittner, Bottom photo of GBT River Breaking Through by Bob Rutemoeller, Protected Properties Map by Drew Fagan

Hearn Gulch— Hearn Gulch photos by Ethan Applegarth, Protected Properties Map by Drew Fagan

Mill Bend— Mill Bend Map Copyright © by Nicolet Houtz, Mendocino Land Trust, second photo, Mill Bend View, by Ethan Applegarth, Protected Properties Map by Drew Fagan, Infographic image design by Drew Fagan

Mill Bend Conservation Project— Top infographic design by Drew Fagan, Mill Bend aerial view, Craig Tooley, Salmon video image, courtesy of NOAA

Conservation easements— Gualala Bluff Trail, by Ethan Applegarth

Our vision— Redwoods photo by Ethan Applegarth, bottom photo Woman at Viewpoint, by Ethan Applegarth

Cooks Beach— Top photo of Cooks Beach stream, by Ethan Applegarth.  second photo of Cooks Beach Forest and Logs, by Ethan Applegarth, Sea Cave and Battleship Rock photos by Joel Chabin, Protected Properties Map by Drew Fagan,

Photo credits— Waves photo  Copyright © Paul Brewer

About RCLC— Photos by Ethan Applegarth

Press releases— Path to Cooks Beach by Ethan Applegarth

Inclusion and Non-discrimination— Couple on Beach by Tharun Clicks, courtesy of Unsplash photos

Mill Bend History— All historic photos from the collection of Clark Beall

Where is Trespass Beach— Rolling Curtain by Paul Brewer





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