About RCLC

Our mission: Redwood Coast Land Conservancy preserves the natural coastal landscapes and wildlife habitats of southern Mendocino and northern Sonoma counties for the benefit of our community and future generations.

We are a 501(c)(3) California non-profit organization founded in 1992.

This region is a place of scenic beauty and unique wildlife. This land contains some of the rarest and most varied habitats found on earth. It’s part of the California Floristic Province, named by scientists as one of earth’s 25 conservation “hot spots.”

Our non-profit organization has a volunteer board of directors.  RCLC also has many active community volunteers who work on projects from public outreach and social media campaigns to fundraising and property maintenance.  The community actively supports environmental preservation.

Visit our latest conservation project, Mill Bend, located at the mouth of the Gualala River.

See the list of our public access properties here.

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy is a member of the California Council of Land Trusts and the National Land Trust Alliance.

We welcome your interest in Redwood Coast Land Conservancy and its projects.

Hearn Gulch, a Redwood Coast Land Conservancy property

Cooks Beach, a Redwood Coast Land Conservancy easement

Redwoods in Mill Bend, Gualala

Redwood forest on upper Mill Bend

Gualala Bluff Trail, a Redwood Coast Land Conservancy easement

Sea mounts off the Mendocino coast



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