RCLC Wish List

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy is in need of the following items. If you have something to donate, please contact us at the information below. Thank you!

Tools needed



Weed Wrenches (could use several)

Pruning shears



 Post hole digger 

Post hole digging bar

Garbage containers

Weed Whacker (battery operated)

 Spading/Digging Forks

Carpentry tools

Other items needed

Work Bench

 Saw horses

 Utility Vehicle/4 WD Gator


 Barbeque grill (propane)

 Picnic tables


If you have an item to donate to RCLC, please contact us at (707) 884-4426 or by email at rclc@rclc.org and leave a message.  If you come to a work party at Mill Bend, feel free to bring your donated item. 

Thank you for sharing your excess tools and equipment to help us maintain our conservation properties!

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