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Please use the form below to update your contact profile and related information.  We use this data to send you newsletters, event notifications, and other pertinent information.  We provide the benefits and opportunity for you to protect your privacy by managing your personal data.

You need a password to update your profile information. When you signed-up for the first time for any RCLC services, you were assigned a password to protect your privacy. If you already receive emails from RCLC, it’s very likely that you have already been assigned a password.

To retrieve or reset your password, please click on this link —  Enter your email address and the CAPTCHA code.  An email will be sent to you requesting that you reset your password.  Simply follow the instructions and create your new password.

Signing-up for the first time: if you have never received email from RCLC or never donated online to RCLC, it’s likely that you are not registered and need to sign-up and receive a password.  To sign-up, go to the RCLC sign-up page at

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have cookies enabled in your browser to update your profile information.  Click here to learn how to enable cookies in your browser.

     “My profile” – the five parts explained…

Purpose of selection…
Profile: To manage your personal information.
Privacy: To set your privacy level.
Email subscriptions: To opt-in or out of emails.
My event registrations: To view and manage your events.
Donations:  To track your donations.


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